Steps for new Participants

Process description

If you are interested in doing an exchange with CoCuDi this guide will give you a rough overview of the different stages – what you can expect and what will be expected from you. The step-by-step process is basically a timeline which you will follow before, during and after the exchange.

It might be that some programs have a slightly different process – in this case we will definitely let you know!

1. Before the exchange

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1.1 Open Call/Scouting commitee

The first step of every exchange is reading the open call (you can find all current open calls here). There you find the most relevant information about the program.

1.2 Submission of required materials (portfolio, personal essay, passport…)

In the second step you have to apply and hand in the required materials. For us it is important and understand your motivation to be part of the program.

1.3 Personal interview

After receiving your application and materials we will invite you to an interview with the proffessional board. This can take place online or in person. It gives us the opportunity to get to know you but also the other way around.

1.4 Approval of Acceptance

1.5 Process and expectations meeting

After being accepted another meeting will follow (online or in person) where we will talk about the process, answer open questions and exchange and align expectations you (the participants) and we have.

1.6 Visa and insurance process (for Ugandan participants)

If you are from Uganda you will need a visa and insurance. We will guide you through the process and supply all the documents you need from CoCuDi.

1.7 Other organizational Aspects

After getting you visa and insurance it will be important to secure flights and accomodation.

1.8 Personalize your program

Every exchange organized by CoCuDi is different, because all the participants are different. With our help you will be able to create your personal program and requirements based on skills, expectations, motivation and other aspects. (If you are interested in experiences from other participants you can read about them here)

Meeting with Teaching Assistants before leaving to Israel (September 2019)

1.9 Checking of all the formal documents

Before your exchange can start we will have to make sure that all formal
documents like visa, insurance, flight, accomodation are ready and in order. After that the adventure can start!

2. During the exchange

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2.1 Opening meeting upon arrival

When you will arrive everything will be new and exciting. The first meeting serves as an orientation and get to know the local partners.

2019 Teaching Assistants arriving in Israel

2.2 Local orientation

In a second step we will help you to get to know your new home. We will show you how to use local transportation, what to eat and where to get food, where to buy a sim-card, what to do in case of an medical emergency and other important things. If you are already interested you can find some tips from former participants here.

2.3 Personal allowance procedure

Most programs include a personal allowance you will get. We will explain how you get the money and what it is for.

2.4 Proffessional orientation

After all the organizational things are over your proffessional orientation will start. You will get to know the studio you will work in, will meet the people you will work with and get to know the classes, teaching and other things that will be important for you.

2.5 Monthly reports

During your exchange we will ask you to write one experience report every month. The format is of your choice but should tell us about your personal experiences.

2.6 Research topic and report

During your program you will have special research topics with different partners. You can dive deep into new things and learn from other proffessionals or bring your knowledge and experience to them. In the end we will ask you to write a report about that as well.

2.7 Other activities

Next to work and academic life you will have the possibility to explore the culture and country you live in and meet new people. There will be organized visits, events and tours and you can also explore more on your own.

2.8 Final report

Additional to the monthly reports we will ask you to write one final report that connects the dots and brings everything together. We are sure you will have learned and experienced a lot during the exchange and are looking forward to reading through your reflection of it.

3. After the exchange

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When leaving your exchange country we hope you take home many new experiences and memories.

3.1 Organizational issues

When leaving it would help us a lot if you leave your SIM and bus cards and household items in an organized way.

3.2. Farewell and thank you

Also we hope you have time to say farewell to all the people you met along the way and that made your experience possible. It would be a nice gesture to also give thank you gifts for partners and funders.

3.3 Closing meeting and planning ahead

In the last meeting we have it will be time to say good bye and reflect on the experience you had during your exchange.

There will be time to think about the follow up program for the research group and to create a plan how you can share your experience at your local acedemy. You could e.g. do a presentation, prepare a class or something similiar.

We will also do a video summary interview with you where you can share once again what your exchange meant to you.

3.4 Become an alumni

After ending your program we will invite you to our Alumni WhatsApp group where we share updates and other information that could be interesting for you.

It would also be nice if you can share and provide information for future participants like you can find here.

3.5 Ongoing research

After being back home we hope you can continue the research you started or worked on during your exchange and that you can you the different perspectives you gained during your exchange.