Current Partner Organizations

The Makerere University (Margaret Trowell School of Fine and Industrial Art) established in 1922 as a humble technical school is one of the oldest and most prestigious Universities in Africa. ( )

Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design‘s mission is Unleashing universal human creativity as the motor for economic and social transformation by restoring true Art values, discipline, inspiration and creativity. (

Streetlights Uganda is a non-profit committed to meeting the needs of street-connected children using creative and innovative ways such as art to empower them. ( )

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, the African Studies Gallery strives to stimulate critical thinking and to challenge viewers’ conventional understanding of Africa as a cultural entity. Through exhibitions and cultural events, we seek to mediate African art to the general public, hoping to access the continent’s rich and diverse heritages. ( )

The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design is, first and foremost, a group of talented, inspired and motivated artists and professionals. Both faculty and students are
driven by a passion to create and by their dedication to quality and excellence. These two pillars of the Academy have placed Bezalel at the epicenter of Israel’s cultural discourse and at the forefront of its art scene, making it instrumental in shaping the country’s cultural identity. (